Images By Laurence, Vancouver Island Photographer: Blog en-us (C) Images By Laurence, Vancouver Island Photographer (Images By Laurence, Vancouver Island Photographer) Sun, 12 Aug 2018 15:17:00 GMT Sun, 12 Aug 2018 15:17:00 GMT Images By Laurence, Vancouver Island Photographer: Blog 120 120 A Bench in the forest A bench in the forest ..... that's what we were looking for when we started our hike at Nymph Falls ......a bench carved in a log ..... one special bench where Taylor proposed to Mackenzie and where she said yes. We hiked for about an hour, rolling camera bags and carrying lighting, laughing and enjoying the moment ..... and we found it.


Re, from Re Bastien Photography assisted with lighting.

Location : Nymph Falls Nature Park

Lighting : Strobepro X200 and Godox AD200 on dual head 

Camera gear : Nikon D810, Nikor 24-70 mm  2.8


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Killer Whales, British Columbia Before you start reading, I recommend you click on this video and just listen ...... magical vocalizes of a pod of orcas : 


You may not know, and that's OK , that in France we don't have any wildlife, other than a few elks, deers, mice, cats ....... so when we moved to Canada and I saw my first bear, I didn't sleep for 3 straight days. I was way too excited ! 

In 2009, after giving it a try a few times, we finally saw some orcas. 

After being on the water for half an hour, we saw our first dorsal fin far away. It was a male, a large orca. Tears were rolling on my cheeks, I couldn't help them. This was one of the most beautiful things I had the honour to see. Wild orcas, swimming in the Pacific Ocean ...... there is no words to describe my feelings at the time, there is only a few pictures to show you the beauty of those animals. 


Since then, we have bought a boat and we spend a lot of time on the waters of the Johnstone Straight ( in the Telegraph Cove  area ). It happened a few time that , while fishing, we ended up surrounded by a pod of Orcas. We shut off the engine of the boat and enjoy the show. Every single time it happens, I'm transported in a world of emotions and beauty. It's mainly during those magical moments that I took those pictures. We follow the new 200 yard rule ( which used to be 100 yards up to this year) and most of those pictures are heavily cropped and taken with a long telephoto lens. 

Please enjoy, share if you like, and don't hesitate to get in touch, should you want to discuss wildlife, or order some prints. 

I'm looking forward to reading your comments, and if you have ever seen them in the wild, please share your feelings at the time in the comment section. 


Love and respect for our earth



Killer Whale ( orca) west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island Killer Whale ( orca) west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island Killer Whale ( orca) west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island Killer Whale ( orca) west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island Killer Whale ( orca) west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island Killer Whale ( orca) west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island Killer Whale ( orca) west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island Killer Whale ( orca) west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island Killer Whale ( orca) west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island Killer Whale ( orca) west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island Killer Whale ( orca) west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island Killer Whale ( orca) west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island Killer Whale ( orca) west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island Killer Whale ( orca) west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island Killer Whale ( orca) west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island Killer Whale ( orca) west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island Killer Whale ( orca) west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island Killer Whale ( orca) west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island Killer Whale ( orca) west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island Laurence is a photographer moved from France to Canada in 2006.

With her camera she has as much pleasure capturing people and love, than she enjoys photographing wildlife and landscape. 

She is open to any type of assignments, feels free to contact her : Email Laurence

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Kala & Thomas [Vancouver Island Photographer] A new term starts in a few days at uVic, and Thomas is headed back to Victoria to tackle a new very busy university term. This time, we don't only load his car with his things, I also prepare to say goodbye to my son who starts a big chapter of his life with his lovely girlfriend Kala. People say : don't blink or you will not see the time fly by ...... people are so right. I wish you two a beautiful new life together.

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Mount Washington Wedding [Comox Valley Wedding Photographer ] This moment when a Mother of the Bride calls you and asks you : are you available to take pictures of my daughter's wedding, in 4 weeks, at Mount Washington ? ...... just minutes after the family session you had planned for that exact same day was moved and opened that exact same day.

That wonderful moment when you think : Oh yes I am, Mount Washington is one of the few places I really REALLY wanted to document a wedding. 

Being also a landscape photographer, I pay good attention to the background, and this scenery is simply stunning.

So here we go, my friend and assistant Re and I, Re takes pictures of the men getting ready, I go with the Bride and her bridesmaids. 

Beautiful ceremony, on the edge of the mountains, were not not eye was dry when the Bride entered the side with her father. He is paralyzed from the chest down, but still, was able to walk her daughter down the aisle. 
I always have a little tear when I'm at a wedding, but let me tell you : this time I had a big one. 

The wedding was great, in all simplicity, and represented this family to the T. 






Thank you so much Danielle and Luke for making me the one who documented your Day.

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R. & I. Pregnancy Photo Session [Comox Valley maternity photographer] Meeting Rhonda was a wonderful thing happening to me. When she told me she was pregnant, I was thrilled for her and her husband. What a well deserved gift to those 2 beautiful souls. 

Stay tuned for the pictures of their beautiful little girl.

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3 years .... 28 years ago Fred and I started our relationship, 28 years later we celebrate our family and our 3 years anniversary.

I have waited 25 years before I said YES to him, surrounded by our family and friends at the Crown Isle resort in Courtenay. Our two sons ( Thomas was 18 , and Gauthier was 12) were with us, being witnesses of our union. 

What is better than a couple of pictures to celebrate that day and remember how great it was. We had some family members ( my parents ) coming from France, some friends coming from Scotland, most of our guests were from Calgary, Edmonton, some from Port Alberni and others from Courtenay/Comox  .... All those people traveled to be with us, we will never forget that day and we thank them all for being part of our lives.


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Bald Eagle Feeding Frenzy The beauty of having the freedom to go on the water as we wish is that we can witness some wildlife's natural behaviours. During the summer, as we were spending time on the boat in the Johnstone Strait ( off to Telegraph Cove and Alert Bay), we witnessed a few time some bald eagle feeding on schools of baits. What a show !! It was simply awesome to see them flying all over our heads, going down to the water as precise as surgeons, getting back in the air, dropping some of their precious harvest, and doing it all over again after unloading in the nest. hundreds of seagulls, all type of birds and ducks and tens of eagle were meeting for a few minutes for a feeding frenzy and ..... were disappearing as soon as the fish were going back deep in the water. Being at the good spot, at the perfect time is mainly a matter of luck and I guess we can say we've been very lucky a few times.

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Calgary Skyline ‚ÄčI've spent 7 years in Calgary, 7 full years thinking : I should definitely take the time to go and take a picture of the skyline. Calgary is one of those typical north American cities. It has something that always makes me smile thought : the Calgary tower ( which is supposed to be the highest construction in the downtown) is so small compared to the other buildings ...... it's almost lost among the skyscrapers !

End of August, I went back to YYC for a few days and I met with my friend Marie-Christine and her husband Joel for a long overdue photo session. Joel has always asked me for a picture of the skyline and I think I have never been a good friend of his because I've never shot it !!! Well, it's now all forgotten and here is your image Joel :) 

This image is for sale in the gallery, you can reach it by clicking on it :

Calgary SkylineCalgary Skyline

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My Emotional Print I'm going to tell you a story, Something that happened to me, 3 years ago as I was living in Airdrie, Alberta.

I used to go out at night, at least 6 or 7 times per month, but I was not drinking, or partying, I was shooting the Northern Lights. I started to do it in November 2010, when we were in the Yukon for a few day. I got hooked to night photography and I was chasing the northern lights. I've spent hours and hours in the cold nights of the Albertan winters, looking up in the sky, trying to be faster that the clouds, ahead of the fog, in my snow pants and -40 jacket ...... When I think about it, I must have been crazy at times, but it was awesome !! Seeing the dancing sky above my head, as I was alone in the middle of nowhere was so great ..... it was my own moment of "me time".

One day, in August 2012, I have had one of those moments where the doubts are taking over the passion, and I decided I wouldn't take anymore pictures. My camera was sitting on the dinning table, for days, and days turned into weeks, and weeks into months ..... until that night where my friend Olivier basically didn't give me any choice and told me to meet him somewhere, on the way to Edmonton. After complaining and saying no, I finally gave up and I went. It was 11 pm on October 12th 2012. I met him at the entrance of this field, his camera was already set on the tripod, and he was ready to give me the kick I needed to get back into photography.

I took my camera out of the bag, set it on the tripod, adjusted my settings and together we started to wait. It was a cold and a very dark night. We were waiting for the show to start, the stats were optimistic we will have a great display, and we started to talk about our own meaning of the lights, about our passion of shooting, Olivier explained me everything about the stats and how to understand them ..... and all the sudden .....BAM, the show started. The whole sky turned green, the dance of the light started slowly, and increased in speed and before our eyes, the whole sky was dancing. It was incredible,

  Northern LightsNorthern LightsCanada Night Sky


My whole body could feel this energy coming from the sky, I ended up whipping a tear that was rolling on my cheek. The show went on until 4:00 am, non stop, and we stayed that late because we were like absorbed by the beauty of this sky.

When I went home that night, I went to bed and I realized that this special night helped me to see exactly why I was doing what I do. I love taking pictures, creating images and sharing them with like minded people.

The following day, I did what I was always doing after a night shooting the lights : I sent one of my images to the local newspaper. They usually published them within a week, but this one, they waited 3 weeks to publish it. I was very surprised, and I received an email from David, here is what he said to me :

"I would like to purchase this image of the Northern Lights, I live in Mazatlan, Mexico and I am visiting my daughter and grandchildren in Airdrie.   My wife and I lived in Fort St. John for a long time and really loved the Northern lights.   My wife passed away in Mazatlan on October 12 and my interest in your excellent photo is related to the coincidence of her passing and the light show."

A big wave of chills shook my whole body, and I cried, like a baby as I was reading this email. Of course I met with David, of course I printed this image and I framed it for him, and most importantly , I knew, at this point, that my photography had a purpose. A purpose way more important than fame or money : it was creating emotions to people who is looking at it, THIS IS MY PURPOSE, and thanks to Olivier and David, I was back on track and pushing my passion of creating images. 

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Killer Whales Explosion July was a very busy month for us, we were fortunate enough to be able to spend about 15 days on the waters of the North Island Pacific Ocean. We stayed at the Alder Bay Resort ( ) where we have access to the water every single day. 


We started our trip with two friends who came for 4 days. They enjoyed the resort, the fishing and the sceneries .... to a point that one of them mentioned to us, while leaving : I'm hooked .....I'll come back ! We can't blame him, we are also hooked to this place.


Then, we stayed just the two of us ( my husband and myself) for a week. We have met so many amazing people during this stay , we are just so happy ! 

One day, as we were coming back to the dock, Jeanine and Nadine ( from Germany) asked us if we would take them on our boat the following morning as they went on a whale watching tour and can't have enough of the scenery. We agrees and enjoyed their company, along with Karen and Dale's who came from Comox for the day, to spend some time with us. In the afternoon, we took on board our neighbours at the campground : Shelley and Gord. We got lucky enough to be at the good spot at the perfect time all along that day, here is what we saw ( all along those 10 days ) : 

Killer whale swimming on its side. 

Killer whale flapping its tail


humpback whale feeding on a school of fish


As I was talking about all those beautiful images I had, a friend of mine asked me if I have ever thought of offering tours to photographers and people . 

I actually do think of doing it, and I'm currently putting one together, planned for September 2 2015. If you are interested, feel free to contact me for more information.

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Bear love... bear addiction [Canada Wildlife Photography] Just to make sure everybody understands where it comes from let me explain : my addiction to bears came suddenly in 2004, as we were tourists in the Montana. Driving on a mountain road, we saw a black bear in the middle of the road. It looked at us, stood up on its back legs and disappeared ! 

It was the first time we were seeing a bear ( in France, unfortunately, there is no bears ..... they are trying to re-implant them in the Pyrenees, but it's going to take decades before we can see them roaming in the mountains ! ).

I was so impress by the size of the beast, an mostly by the fact that WE SAW A BEAR in the wild ....  I did not sleep for 3 nights !!

When we moved to Canada in 2006, I made it a priority to learn the bears behaviours in order to know where and how to safely see them. I've spent days, weeks ...all together months in the Rocky mountains looking for them and learning their patterns. Always impress by how majestic they are.

I learned that there are two kinds of bears in Canada : the black bears and the grizzly bears ( there is also the brown bear , in Alaska ( US), but brown bears are actually grizzly bears living on the coast). 

Through the years, I've taken thousands of pictures f bears, going to some British Columbia inlets to be able to see them in the pure wild ( Bute inlet and Knight Inlet). Next step .... the Great Bear rainforest, hoping to see some Spirit bears.


Please sit down, relax en enjoy the following pictures ( and don't forget to leave a comment if you appreciated them ): See the whole gallery here : Bears 


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Killer Whales, Humpback whales, stellar sea lion ..... you name it May long weekend is usually the first weekend people get out of their house and are ready to start the summer activities. Well, we got out of our house, jumped into the boat and cruised the Johnstone Strait to get a glimpse of the wildlife after the winter. The strait is waking up slowly, the marine mammals are coming back up north to join their summer eating grounds. 

The weather was not the best but Eh !!! it doesn't really matter !!

We had the pleasure to see  a Humpback whale, 


 a stellar sea lion feeding on a salmon, and another one swallowing its lunch.


3 transient killer whales hunting for food,


A ball of bait came up the strait and here comes the "Eagle Explosion". Tens of bald eagle, seagulls and ducks feeding on this welcomed meal. They were screaming, fighting, eating, diving. What a treat for us. 






The beauty of living on Vancouver Island is : whatever the weather, nature always has surprises for whoever takes the time to open their eyes.

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