A few weeks ago, I woke up thinking I needed to find a great idea for my business, the type of idea that will bring fun and smiles to the studio. After thinking of it for a few days, I asked my husband to build me a box. He was skeptical about the outcome of my new "crazy" idea.

We built it anyways and we now have a wooden box, large enough to fit in a few kids, 1 or 2 adults, some pets, toys, products, .....anything and have fun with them !

I called Katrina, asking her if she would come over with  John and the Twins ( Bradley and Grant), to have a fun photo shoot. 

The Kids in The Box photo session was born, and the launch is TODAY !! 

Book now your session by calling : 250-465-1062, by email 

The launch of this new product is happening right now ! 

Bring your children to the studio, and let them turn wild in the box !